How does Audible Work? What is Audible? Indepth Review (2019)

How does Audible work

How Does Audible work?

Audible works opting a 30 days free trial, which will provide a free credit from which you can purchase an audiobook. Every month one credit will be added in your account as per your plan, you can purchase an audiobook of any value. The credit can be carried forward to next month as long as you are a monthly member. 

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What is Audible?

“Audible” literally means “able to be heard”.  It offers you audiobooks to hear. Let me explain how does audible work. The Amazon Audible Company produces and sells spoken audio entertainment, books(audio) ranging in genres like education, romance, thriller, suspense, and podcasts.

Approximately 200,000 audiobooks to the collection. The largest online collection. An interesting fact about audible is that people who have less time can utilize this for reading books and gaining knowledge through its vast collection.

Now, lets just briefly see how does audible work. It works on a credit basis. Credit can be used to buy any book of your choice. We also get sample audio recordings of the book listed. So any new user can listen to various sample audio recordings before selecting a title. Prime day will be on 14-15 July check out for Audible Prime Day Deals

Benefits Of Audible?

  • Amazon audible works both online and offline.
  • Do subscribe to a 30-day free trial.
  • The free trial period gives access to one credit.
  • This single(one) credit is used to buy one book of any value.
  • Keep in mind the ratio is one to one.
  • The free trial period can lead to monthly charges once it’s over.
  • Cancel it if you wish to discontinue.
  • It automatically charges a $14.95 a month after the initial trial period.
  • The important thing to keep in mind is how often do we use this application to listen to the audiobook.
  • Exchange of titles is an important feature.

How To Use An Audible Account

  • New users go for a free 30 day trial period.
  • Having an Amazon account with a valid credit card is mandatory for free 30-days trial. 
  • We can also buy audiobooks directly from this app, but it might be a little expensive(Sometimes between $10 to $25, based on various offers and sales)
  • The monthly subscription comes to $14.95(gold membership) .
  • Credits are rolled over from one month to another.

Audible and Whispersync

There is an application known as Whispersync which sync’s our ebook and audiobook for convenience. It sync’s in our Kindle ebook and audiobook on the audible app, so that we can start wherever we last left. One of the key point to keep in mind is that the region of the account should be the same. (We can ‘t use a UK account of audible for a USA ebook, both of the devices should be connected to the same region account.)

Audible’s Pricing

  • Audible basic membership is $14.95 per month. The Platinum monthly membership cost’s us $22.95 which gives access to 2 credits a month.
  • The Gold annual membership costs us $149.50/year which gives access to 12 credits/year.
  • The Platinum annual membership costs us $229.50/year which gives access to 24 credits/year.
  • Audible channels cost us $4.95 a month and it gives access to original podcasts.
  • The student membership can cost $9.95/month with one credit available for a month(The subscription is valid for 4 years and it requires proof as a student.)
  • The gift subscriptions can be bought in three, six and twelve- month increments.

Audible 30 Days Free Trial Includes

  • 2 Audiobooks plus 2 Audible originals 
  • Access To Unlimited audio guides for meditation and fitness programs.
  • Washington Post, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, audible version completely free will be sent to the audible app every day.
  • Free audiobook exchange 
  • 30% off on additional audiobooks 
  • Cancel anytime to avoid the charges
  • At the end of the trail, audible will charge for $14.95/m for 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals every month.

30 Days Free Trial with 2 free downloads

Amazon prime members and Audible

If we own an amazon prime membership of $99 annually then, enjoy the audible free of cost. However, we can access approximately 50 books and also audible channels worth $4.95/month.

Audible offers

Audible does offer daily deals and discount offers. Sometimes you get 30% discounts on certain titles. Some audiobooks come in for 99 cents only. Also, there are various promo codes and offers released by Amazon or other partners. So keep an eye for information on audible offers.

Is Audible worth the cost

Audible gives us an amazing listening experience of books both offline and online without any adds. It takes the reading experience to a greater level where data charges do not matter or apply. The Internet is not mandatory for using this app. It has a wide range of books ranging from fiction, science fiction, romance, thriller, adventure, etc. Delve in your favorite genre anytime, anywhere.

The flip side is how often do we use this application. It is quite reasonable for readers who spend about 30 minutes per day.

I personally feel one should try it before jumping into any conclusions.

Try Free For 30-day

Developing your own collection of books

Having a physical library our home requires quite a space. We have been through the ages of cassettes, CDs, DVDs. Now we have books in the form of audiobooks and ebooks which can be stored onto our computers, phones or even on our CDs as a collection. So with this app, we take home all our collection. Hence, we develop our own book collection. I have made my own collection of below

50 Best Audiobooks Of All Time

50 Best Fantasy Audiobooks

Pros and Cons


  • Listen anytime, anywhere
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Online and offline access
  • Narrator speed adjustment
  • Sleep Timer
  • Wide range of audiobooks


  • Charges automatically after the free trial of 30 days
  • Sometimes charges even after cancellation

Customer service and support

Audible customer service is 24/7 by call, email, and live chat. There is a “popular questions” page which is very informative. Either cancellation of our membership or exchange of books, their services are pretty quickly. There is also a policy of hassle-free exchange of titles. Go to the purchase history in your account details and locate the order that is to be returned. Hit the orange “return the title” button and the rest is taken care of. The overall customer service is good. However, the experience might vary from individual to individual.

Book description and review

Once we are signed in our account, browse through various titles and genre. Click over the title it leads to a page which has publishers review, critics review and customer ratings. There are also sample audio recordings available for every single book. A space on the page shows people who bought this book also bought a few other books. There are also other titles listed by the same author on the bottom of the page.

Users have also rated the book based on overall, performance and story. There is also in-depth review written by users for further details

How To Cancel Audible

Audible membership is available on a monthly subscription basis and annual plans. A 30-day free trial is available for Audible. When we sign up for an audible free membership, then it automatically set’s up to renew at the end of your chosen membership time. Hence, we need to cancel audible it to discontinue. Audible has A gold plan of $14.95 a month and Platinum plan for $22.95 a month.

If we have any remaining credits in our membership, then it will prompt us to use it before we cancel audible. Cancellation of membership leads to termination of all credits. However, we can keep the audiobooks for life even after we cancel the membership.

Steps to Cancel Audible

cancel audible
  • Go to the audible desktop website
  • Sign in using email id and password
  • It will open the account and show details
  • There will be a button to cancel membership
  • Click the cancel membership button to cancel your membership
  • If done correctly, it will generate an email as proof of the cancellation
cancel audible

Note: You will have to use an audible desktop website to complete the steps to cancel the membership.

The audible cancellation will not happen if the application is deleted in our phone, iPad, and tablet. We need to go to the desktop site and cancel an audible subscription to terminate our account. Failure to do so leads to automatic charge on our account.

Even after canceling our audible account we can keep in our collection of books for a lifetime. We can store them on CDs, DVDs or even on storage pen drives. It is a win-win situation for the listeners and also for the makers as both of them are on the advantage side. Audible takes the reading experience of books to a higher level of comfort and convenience.


The Audible app is user-friendly and we can access it on different mediums like iPhone, Kindle, laptop, etc. It’s just a reach away from any of the systems we have.

It gives us a good listening experience of the various audiobooks. In all listen to books for an enchanting experience. It is a one-stop destination.

Now you know How does audible work sign up today to Enjoy 2 free downloads


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