10 Erotic Audiobooks That Will Seduce You To The Core!!

erotic audiobooks


If you are a secret erotic story lover and wish to get indulged in the seductive stories, the ‘audio porn’ can be a great option for you. ‘erotic audiobooks’ has now emerged as among the top online platforms for the literature of romantic encounters is brought to your fingertips through their special Romance Package.

There are several other online platforms that offer the most seductive soft-core romantic stories that would make you feel the warmth of lovemaking. Here, we are trying to rank the Audiobooks availed through various online platforms.

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Why Erotic Audiobooks?

When it comes to the most erotic Audiobooks, you can count on the narration style, the storyline and even the factors that make the Audiobook ‘engaging’. This can be an effective way of entertainment that you can enjoy even on the go, or in the warm company of your partner to make him or her feel ‘desperate’ for the encounter.

The beauty of the ‘Audible Romance Package(Try For Free)’ can be the feature: “Take Me To The Good Parts Of This Book”. The feature allows you to skip the other details and directly takes you to the core romantic encounters like foreplay to the actual friction.

Here are best erotic audiobooks that you must enjoy if you wish to make the most of the quality time you spend along with the partner, or even if you want to ‘feel’ the heat of romance in his or her absence:

1) Baumgartners Box Set By Selena Kitt

Selena Kitt is among the bestseller authors from New York. This is the series of 3 Audiobooks that you can enjoy one after the other. This is basically a porn story, suitable for the people who believe in ‘right to sex’.

This Audiobook narrates the stories of a married couple that are leading an enjoying married life. The twist in the story is their preference to take the guests to their bedroom. So, the concept behind the stories is quite amazing and unusual.

2) Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex By Rachel Kramer Bussel

Are you admirer of adding spice to your sex life? This wonderful collection of 69 stories can be interesting for you. The Audiobook is the bunch of narration that takes you to the next level of excitement. You can enjoy extremely seducing sex stories that would ignite your senses to the fullest.

The stories include the lovemaking sessions of young lovers and also the sudden turnarounds between the lusty strangers that decide quickly to enjoy the highest pleasure of the materialistic world.

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3) Stay Close By Alexa Riley

Do you like to add ‘thrill’ to the romantic stories? This can be the wonderful mix of stories for you to enjoy. This is the story about Penelope, an 18 year old rich girl that is passionate about exploring the world; and Ivan, a Russian mafia soldier working as her bodyguard.

You can enjoy the process when the beauty successfully soothes a murderous character with his stunning body-built, but with an abnormal age difference.

4)The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty By Anne Rice

This sizzling Audiobook takes you through an erotic journey of interpersonal dynamics that you must be expecting while listening to a porn story. You can expect the best entertainment through the narration, as the storyline takes the fantasies to the extreme levels.

This can be the perfect combination of seducing and romance and would satisfy your inner desires through the best of sequences and splendid explanations.

5)Bedfellows By Lola Leighton

Are you fond of ‘triangular romantic stories’ with some bisexual exploration? This can be the perfect Audiobook for you. This is the interesting story of two close pals Sullivan & Will that are fond of sharing everything with each other including their partners in the bed for short term relationships.

Now, when they meet Adrienne, they become selfish as both of them wish to conquer her for the lifetime. You can listen to the Audiobook to reveal the rest of the story.

6) Her Body And Other Parties By Carmen Maria Machado

This is an interesting story of an urban girl that wears a green ribbon around her neck throughout her neck. A handsome guy falls in love with her and marries her. He wishes to take out that ribbon from her neck, but she doesn’t allow him to do so.

This Audiobook is the finest combo of sex and spook. So, if you wish to add some sense of ‘horror’ to the conventional concepts of ‘romance’, this could be the right choice.

7)Zane’s Sex Chronicles By Zane

Zane has been the maker of erotic stories of the Cinemax, the popular TV Series. So, if you are keen on getting the most exciting erotic stories once popular on the TV screens in audio formats, this can be a tremendous Audiobook.

8) Henry & June By Anais Nin

This is a fictional story about the romantic affair between Henry Miller & Anais Nin. These are the names of the well-known authors in 1930’s. Sounds interesting? So, obviously the story can be felt like literature. However, the erotic touch to the words used and the incidents forming the stories make the narration truly erotic.

9) Dirty Talks By Lauren Landish

Can you think of a girlfriend whose heart is broken due to some irresponsible and unpredictable behavior of her boyfriend? This is the story about Kat, who receives some advice from a radio host Derek along with his personal phone number after she faces embarrassment.

As the texts and calls begin among them, the story takes some creative turns that would make you feel crazy.

10) Flesh By Kylie Scott

This is the story of three plague survivors Ali, Daniel and Finn. Here the core concept relates to the destruction of the world. However, the story is more about the interpersonal interactions between the personalities that are thinking beyond the basic necessities for survival.

I’m sure the above erotic audiobooks will give you tons of goosebumps also spice up your nights with your partner. Let me know in the comment which books were the most effective to give naughty nights 😉

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